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Desktop repairs

Examples of common issues that affect desktops that we we see on a regular basis are:

desktop power supply

Completely dead/unresponsive system

After ruling out a faulty cable/plug socket, this is often caused by a failed power supply unit within the system. Easily and cheaply repaired – usually around £40 – provided that there has not been further damage to the system which would typically also be to the motherboard.




failed motherboard

If the motherboard is damaged it can be replaced with a more modern version that uses your original processor (cpu) and associated parts. We are increasingly finding that it is also necessary to replace the memory (ram) as more modern boards do not accept the older style memory installed in older systems – but it is usually still worth undertaking the repair on all but the oldest of systems. Motherboard costs vary and due to the change in system parts affecting the licence which then requires re-activation, usually the operating system will need to be re-installed. We will give a specific fixed quote after examining the system and costing replacement parts.

Please note that some systems, particularly Dell, use proprietary fittings that mean they can only be repaired using the manufacturers own replacements parts – in these instances if they are still available we will usually provide a quote for these parts and, as these tend to be quite costly, for comparison we will also provide an alternative quote using second user parts.

Hard drive failure – a fairly common problem and is an easy repair although the issue with this can be data loss if an up to date backup has not been kept.


Where the drive is failing rather than failed completely we may be able to recover the data. If you suspect the hard drive is the source of the problem and need to recover data we would advise you copy this to an external source immediately. If this is not possible, power the system off and contact us – it is not recommended that you carry on using the drive and/or try to download and use any file recovery software on an affected drive.


Less common failures such as optical drive or graphics cards or noisy cooling fans are easily and usually cheaply resolved.

Please note that as Microsoft support for Windows XP and Vista operating systems has expired we no longer undertake repairs to machines running these operating systems.

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