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Inkjet and Toner Cartridge disposal

Inkjet cartridges

As with old equipment, we are committed to ensure all inkjet and toner cartridges do not end up in landfill.

If you currently do not recycle inkjet and/or toner cartridges we will ensure that they are disposed of responsibly. We will take them when we call to undertake other work for you or you can simply put any cartridges in a sealed bag and drop them through our letterbox.

Some cartridges especially originals that have not previously been refilled can have a second hand value and there are a number of companies that, usually subject to minimum quantities, will pay small amounts for these.

Not all cartridges are accepted by recycling companies however cartridges that the recycling companies will not accept – notably most Epson cartridges – can usually be returned to the manufacturer and amounts we recover from cartridges that are capable of being sold offsets the cost of handling these.

If you are a business, school or club/association that currently does not recycle cartridges and will generate a reasonable quantity on a regular basis we would look to share any proceeds for cartridges that have a value. The level of this depends on the quantities, the value of the saleable units and the ratio of saleable to non-saleable units.

We will collect the cartridges and sort these as required and as we deal with a number of recycling companies we then mix and match to obtain the best prevailing prices – which can be surprisingly variable from company to company.

Likewise, if you are an individual and generate a significant number of empty cartridges and are willing to store them, if they have a value we will gladly look into sharing any proceeds with you.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

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