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New computer system set up

Based on your proposed usage and budget, we can specify a new system –  laptop, desktop, netbook or tablet – to meet your requirements which we will set up for you.

From June 2018 generally we will no longer be supplying systems directly, but will normally suggest a couple of suitable alternatives and usually these will only be a well known tried and tested brand name system.

New systems will usually run Windows 10 and as part of the process we will review whether your existing printer and any specialist software will be compatible


New HP desktop

Setting up the system normally involves transferring over any data – documents, pictures, music etc – from your old system, making sure the new system is fully up to date with all service packs and updates and drivers, installing and configuring your security package of choice, installing any applications you use such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, iTunes, Skype and any specialist software you also might want installed.

In this instance, where appropriate, we ask that you have a valid licence key for the application software you’re asking us to install. Often we can obtain that from your old system but sometimes we would need either the original install disks/packaging or an activation key that is often provided by email or in the case of MS Office the Office account created as part of the activation process.

We’ll also set up your email if you use ‘client’ mail – as Windows Mail/Live Mail is no longer supported this is usually Outlook or possibly Thunderbird etc.

We will connect the system to your broadband service and install any external equipment – usually printers or a webcam.

Set up usually also includes disposing of your old system which as part of the process normally includes undertaking a security wipe of the hard drive to ensure there is no possibility of any data being available and eliminating any risk of identity theft using that data.

Sometimes – especially with laptops – your existing drive can be transferred to a usb ‘caddy’ which is basically a casing with a usb connector – and used as an external drive for backup purposes.

All in all, we aim to make sure that your new system is ready to go with the least possible inconvenience or hassle to you!

Our charges for this vary slightly based in the work involved but, currently, are typically less than £50 and we will advise you of this prior to undertaking the set up for you.

If your budget does not stretch to a new system it might be worth considering a second user system


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