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Old system disposal

Dell Dimension 2400

If we supply a new system, printer or other electrical equipment we are obliged to dispose of the old equivalent equipment free of charge. We are committed to ensure all equipment is disposed of responsibly and recycled and we have an agreement with an accredited WEEE disposal company for the disposal of electrical waste.


Where suitable, some second user systems may be refurbished or parts re-used and prior to re-use or disposal, all hard drives are wiped using a hard drive security wipe program. All hard drives which are scrapped are disassembled so that the electronic controller board and metallic components are disposed of separately – so you can be 100% sure none of your private data is capable of being recovered and misused!

Even if we did not supply a replacement, we can still dispose of your old equipment – often free of charge especially if you drop it off at our workshop – but we do reserve the right to make a modest charge to cover travel expenses and/or the security hard drive wipe. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

If you have a reasonable number of old systems or amount of computer electrical waste we are happy to discuss with you how your disposal requirements can be met – if there is a second hand market value we may offer to buy this from you.

Alternatively, whilst most parts do have a low scrap value, the cost of breaking down systems and segregating them into acceptable volumes of categories of scrap usually outweighes this value however it might reduce any charge we make for disposal. Again, please contact us to discuss this.

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