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Dell Laptop

Second user systems

Whilst we do not normally recommend purchasing a second user system due to the potential earlier repair costs negating initial price savings, we also recognise that if your present system suddenly fails and is beyond economic cost of repair, not everyone can afford – or want – to immediately buy a brand new system.


In this instance if you are considering a second user system we will research what’s available in the market at the time and, based on your budget recommend a suitable replacement which we can then set up for you.

We’re also happy to advise you on the suitability of any system you have identified yourself.

Dell desktop

If it’s a desktop system, to keep costs as reasonable as possible often you can make use of the existing peripheral equipment – screen, keyboard and mouse – and usually use your existing printer subject to the availability of suitable drivers – and we’re also happy to advise you on whether this is feasible.



Very occasionally we sometimes also have second user systems – usually desktops – available when a customer has decided not to repair a system, or has decided to replace their existing system, which we can refurbish and may be suitable. If you are considering this, please contact us to see what may be available.

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